Your Customer Service Department is Amazing!

I called your customer service line this morning and had the nicest experience. I want to tell you about it so you will know what a good job they are doing.

Phoenix internetI have been exploring a lot of different work-at-home options this year. After comparing the internet providers in my area, I chose your service because my neighbors said they had good experiences with your company. I actually had your internet service connected at my house specifically so that I could try to make extra money online. I found several jobs on the internet that are working out very well. I usually surf the net when I have free time, so I found an employer who will pay me for being online. I usually have to visit quite a few websites and look at a lot of videos, but I have been making an extra $150 per week for the last few months. It has been working out very well until last night. After months of successful work, a box popped up on my computer screen that said that my download speed is too slow for optimal viewing, and that I will not be allowed to complete any more assignments until my download speed is improved to a minimum of 3 Mbps. I was totally baffled. Your internet service is extremely reliable, and I have never had a problem with my download speed! I called your customer service line first thing this morning and explained my problem to a nice lady named Sara. It was a really pleasant experience. Sara was extremely helpful and sympathetic. She listened carefully and asked logical questions when I explained the error message I received. She walked me through several different steps to troubleshoot the problem. We discovered that my wireless router was not functioning properly. There was a very bad storm in my area yesterday, and I think there must have been a power surge or something that zapped it. All I need to do is pick up a new router, and I will be back to making extra money in my spare time. From my experiences in the past, I’m not sure that other Phoenix internet services would have solved my problem this efficiently.

The extra money I earn online makes a big difference to my family. Your customer service staff treated me like a valued customer and solved my problem very quickly. Your company is the best internet provider in my area. Thank you.